Polyolefins are a family of polymers derived from propylene and ethylene. They make up the highest volume of thermoplastic products in the world. They form tough, flexible plastics with a large variety of uses.
Sidpec is a major producer of PE (Polyethylene) / OPC & EPP are a major producer of PP (Polypropylene) in Egypt.
Polyolefins uses range from rigid materials for refrigerators, computers and car parts to industrial food packaging and waterproof film. Some polyolefin products have heat-resistant properties that make them ideal for use in, for example, packaging microwaveable food, while others melt easily for use in heat-sealable wrapping. We make several different types of each polyolefin.
• Polyethylene (Sidpec )
• Polypropylene (OPC & EPP )
PVC and Polystyrene are used in a wide variety of consumer, commercial and industrial products that people around the world rely on every day. Polymers are used to make products that cannot be made from materials such as wood, steel, glass or aluminum.
• PVC (Polyvinylchloride) ( EPC )
• Polystyrene ( Estyrenics )