Corporate Governance

Echem’s Code of Conduct establishes the general guidelines to be observed to meet Echem’s values, promises and Corporate Governance principles and guidelines. Echem’s Code of Conduct explains in general terms, the standards we expect in all our business behavior, attitude and performance, and shall reflect as well as promote our core values in our actions towards colleagues, business partners and the society at large. Echem’s Code of Conduct helps us to build a culture which values honesty, loyalty, integrity, and transparency throughout the organization.
Transparency and openness throughout the organization in relation to procedures and practices are necessary in order for corrective measures to be taken when needed. Echem shall, at all times, strive to exercise good judgment, care and consideration in our sincere intention to obtain the best result for all parties involved.

Investment Climate

The government of Egypt(GOE) is carrying out a series of reforms to improve business and investment climate. The government’s new strategy aims at eliminating the bureaucratic obstacles and liberalizing the business climate. The reforms undertaken by the government focus on working policies as well as institutional structure to pave the way for a healthy investment climate and a more developing business environment in Egypt.
A new set of government policies, investment laws, and guarantees have been introduced with the purpose of boosting and revitalizing the investment environment in Egypt. On one hand, Egypt’s proximity to world markets and the rapidly growing demand for industries, locally as well as worldwide, play a vital role in encouraging exports and improving productivity. On the other hand, new investment laws and government legislations have recently eased international trade barriers and allowed for more competition through attracting foreign investments, as well as increasing competitiveness of Egyptian business to meet international standards and compete in the global markets. As a result of international trade agreements, Egypt enjoys a wide range of market access to North America, China, Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, with its central location bridging the three continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa.