Social Responsibility

The Egyptian petrochemical holding company Echem is fully aware that the creation of economic value cannot be separated from its corporate obligations towards its human capital, society and environment, Echem realized that social responsibility is a strategic tool that opens the door to responsible growth and sustainable development, incorporating and implementing whenever possible the recommendations and guidelines of ISO 26000, in the holding and affiliated companies.

In this regard, The company has many contributions to social constitutions, charities and orphanages including for example but not limited to: –

  • in some villages adjacent to our affiliates in Alexandria:
  • Distribution of led lamps, which lead to decreasing electricity consumption, minimizing electricity bills and lowering the load on transformers and general electric station.
  • Distribution of blankets
  • Distribution of waterproof jackets, pullovers and stationary for school kids
  • Change corroded water pipelines by new ones and providing safe healthy water, in cope with ‘100 million healthy lives’ campaign
  • Re-equipping some hospitals in Alexandria, Damietta…etc. with new medical equipment.
    El-Noor wl Amal charity
    • Ismailia Foundation for Blind girls
    • Suez sons charity
    • Echoes Society for Hearing Care
    • Glamor future for orphans
    • Orphan smile charity

Other contributions are forwarded to the field of health care, such as: –

  • Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357
  • Egyptian Foundation for Breast Cancer
  • Top Medical Council for the petroleum sectorRegarding the field of scientific researches, the company shared in establishment of a new laboratory for petroleum products, Department of Engineering, Cairo University.