Environment & Incentives

The investment climate in Egypt has witnessed major legislative and institutional reforms, with a tangible impact on both the level of domestic investments, as well as inflows of foreign direct investment (FDI).The Egyptian economy has also been receiving historically unprecedented levels of FDI inflows. As a result, confidence in the Egyptian economy has been strengthened by the key role played by the Egyptian government, in terms of improving the outlook for Egyptian, Arab and foreign investment, as well as instigating and sustaining high levels of growth and employment opportunities.
Investors have responded positively to this business environment in Egypt, with close to half of companies operating under the umbrella of the governing investment legislations that have been established during the four year period of 2014-2018. A positive response to streamlining investment procedures has been reflected in the increase in the no. of newly established companies as well as expansions undertaken by companies already in operation.

Investment climate in Egypt:

The government of Egypt (GoE) is carrying out a series of reforms to improve business and investment climate, the government’s new strategy aims at simplifying investment procedures and making them more effective. It also aims at eliminating the bureaucratic obstacles and liberalizing the business climate. The reforms undertaken by the government focus on working policies as well as institutional structure to pave the way for a healthy investment climate and a more developing business environment in Egypt.
Attracting more Foreign Direct Investment is indispensable and requires the presence of national- regional institutions with an integrated structure that suits the current world affairs. Furthermore, it requires a supportive job environment as well as a community of experts and highly qualified and skilled individuals capable of attracting investments in a competitive international environment.