17 years of continuous efforts resulted in 7 mega projects worth about US$ 7 Billion, reached commercial operation, successfully, in light of the Egyptian Petrochemical Master Plan (2002 – 2022). Those projects summarize the success story of Echem as follows:

Egyptian Linear Alkyl Benzene (ELAB)

Egyptian Linear Alkyl Benzene (ELAB) was the first project to be implemented with investment cost of US$ 532 Million, producing 100 Thousand T/Y to satisfy the domestic demand for Linear Alkyl Benzene used in the manufacture of detergents and the surplus is exported.

Misr Fertilizers Production Company (MOPCO)

Misr Fertilizers Production Company (MOPCO).
Moving forward and based on natural gas availability, MOPCO Expanded to build the second and third trains to produce 1.4 Million T/Y of Urea.
On 22nd May 2015, His Excellency Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi launched Mopco expansion resulting of total capacity of 2 million tons annually. The complex is considered as one of the largest fertilizer plants in North Africa and represents 1% of the global production of urea fertilizer with total investment cost of the three trains about US$ 2.4 Billion.

Egyptian Methanex Methanol Company (E-Methanex)

Egyptian Methanex Methanol Company (E-Methanex) is a joint venture company between Echem, Methanex Corporation, “the global leader in methanol industry supply, distribution and marketing”, and other Arab and National Investors.
The project, which is located in Damietta Port, has a plant capacity of 1.3 Million T/Y of Methanol with total investment cost of US$ 1022 Million. The plant commenced in 2011 with high performance production rates.

Egyptian Propylene & Polypropylene Company (EPP)

Egyptian Propylene & Polypropylene Company (EPP) commenced production as well in 2011 to produce 350 Thousand T/Y of both Propylene and Poly Propylene, with a total investment cost of US$ 810 Million.

Egyptian Ethylene and Derivatives Company (ETHYDCO)

In 13th August 2016, His Excellency Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi launched the petrochemicals complex of Egyptian Ethylene and Derivatives Company (ETHYDCO) in Alexandria, with a total investment of about US$ 2 billion. The complex is set to operate with the capacity of 460,000 T/Y of ethylene, 400,000 T/Y of polyethylene, and 20,000 T/Y of butadiene.