Purpose Establishing a modern refinery producing a full range of high quality fuels such as Gas Oil and Kerosene integrated with petrochemicals complex depending on the produced feedstock from the western desert with additional quantities of local Condensate if needed taking the advantage of existing facilities at WEPCO and El HAMRA Port.
Main Products Petroleum Products :
·   ( Gas Oil, Kerosene, Cracked naphtha,..)
Petrochemical Intermediate Products:
• Ethylene
• Propylene
• Butadiene
• Benzene
Petrochemical Final Products:
• Ethylene derivatives (VAM, MEG, EPDM, Styrene )
• Propylene derivatives (PG, Polyols, EPDM )
• Butadiene derivative (SBR)
• Benzene derivative (Styrene)
Feedstock • Crude Oil
• Condensate
Proposed Location New Alamien City
Status •1848.5 Acers are dedicated for Echem in Alamien Industrial zone.
• Preliminary feasibility study and Economic Study is prepared.
• ITT Documents is under preparation for Detailed Feasibility Study.
• Securing of feedstock supply is under discussion with suppliers.