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The producers and manufacturers segmented the polystyrene to this group:
Homo-polymer “HIPS, GPPS”
The Egyptian market has a large consumption of grades GPPS and HIPS.
• E-STYRENICS is in the process of constructing a 200 ktpa (HIPS & GPPS) production facility at Alexandria, El Dekhella Port .
• E-STYRENICS was born in Sep. 2005 under the name of Egyptian styrene & Polystyrene Production Company.
• E-STYRENICS was signed off take 100% of the Polystyrene from the project and will supply the Egyptian market demand & Export to out Egypt through a distribution agreement signed between ESTYRENICS and Echem.
• The Egyptian Petrochemicals Holding Company (ECHEM) have exclusivity marketing Polystyrene product in the Egyptian market to all manufacturers & Distributors & Export about 50 ktpa through three external Distributors
• The Egyptian market have a large consumption of grades GPPS and HIPS that are both used in manufacturing most of the electrical equipments , toys, Cassette tape, cups, refrigerators, washing machines and air-conditions etc….