Echem HR has set a key goal to foster a competent workforce and create an organizational culture to maintain its relevance as a place of opportunity and excellence.

At Echem, we drive forward with a strategy focused on developing the human capital we have fought hard to retain as an attempt to reshape our organization and ultimately define what it means to be a world-class petrochemical company.

One of Echem HR main objectives is to transform our petrochemical affiliates and operating units into "Learning Organizations" capable of developing knowledge in terms of know-how and expertise, and promote best practices in the petrochemical business.

Echem as a "think-tank" for Egypt's petrochemical industry, recognizes the crucial need to address key challenges and act as a platform where top executives from affiliate companies collectively address the challenges encountering the industry.

Echem HR integrates with its affiliates through:
  • Identifying and analyzing HR issues, defining optimized systems to recruit and train the right people.
  • Promoting a business culture that encourages innovation and rewards individual initiative.
  • Ensure that the emerging petrochemicals workforce has the right experience and skills needed to tackle the challenges that lie ahead and deliver business strategy.
Echem has managed to build a truly HR function capable of maintaining our talents across more than ten years of operation. Our priority is to retain close oversight of employees with most sought-after skills. This allows us to manage all aspects of their career journeys from graduate recruitment to pay and performance management.

Echem strives to focus on creating an environment of sustainable competency to ensure that employees understand their specific job requirements and provide a credible record of achieved skills. In this regard, HRD has commenced the implementation of a competency based management program, in collaboration with reputable HR consulting agency, to develop the human resource capital to cope with global requirements at large and the rapid changes in the world's petrochemical industry.

We believe that, in order to function in a more sustainable way, it is vital that Echem has the right people with the right skills in the right places. Our "Competency Based Management" project is currently underway. Our endeavor is to:
  • Develop an effective succession planning model
  • Facilitate the selection and promotional processes
  • build career formation programs in alignment with shared competencies

Thinking of human capital as the real investment of any organization, we have taken positive steps towards introducing Echem Skills Bank, an information system which processes data of all Echem and affiliate employees. Using this data, we continuously model the demography of our workforce to identify the developing skills gap by tapping into our talent pool.

Our key initiatives for implementation over the coming years will add significant value to the organization and its strategic business goals.