Petrochemical industry is considered the world's largest industry growth and development and represents an important element of the industries of the future elements in regional and local levels which needed to be cope with Technological development and diversify their products and updating. The technology of the most influential factors in Evolution of petrochemical industries optimal exploitation local resources and find energy alternatives Integration between petrochemical industry with existing refining industry with a view to maximizing the value added Oil crudes.

Egyptian petrochemicals holding company (ECHEM) keep pace with the evolution in the petrochemical industry Through the choice of the latest technologies globally applicable and the application of the standard criteria To achieve the maximum benefit possible for Petrochemical industries.

The following is a brief of the role of technology in the development of Egyptian Petrochemical industry:
  • Application of the latest global technologies and the transfer of modern technologies in production through the choice of the best Global Technologies in all projects of the National Plan and under implementation.
  • The use of modern technology in the development of alternatives to raw materials, which would contribute to the maximization of value added to the raw materials and the provision of infrastructure petrochemical industries.
  • Achieving leadership in the field of application of modern technologies which contribute to the optimal exploitation of resources of The local Dry natural gas and turning it into a basic petrochemical products, for example Natural gas conversion technology to olefins (GTO) .
  • Achieve compatibility between environmental laws and application of the principle of zero emissions through technologies in all modern projects of the Egyptian petrochemicals Master plan.
  • Introduce a good reputation for the quality of the Egyptian product in world markets through consensus all Applied Technologies with the latest specifications for products at the global level.
  • preparation of a new generation of qualified personnel to accommodate modern technologies and their application and then develop and transfer this expertise to inherited generations in order to keep up with technological development to Egypt at the global level.
ECHEM deals with the best and most prestigious international technologies licensors for the petrochemical industries in EGYPT, such as:
  • BF-Goodrich technology for production of polyvinyl chloride.
  • UOP technology for production of liner alkyl benzene.
  • Uhde GmbH technology for production of Ammonia.
  • Johnson Matthey/ Davy technology for production of methanol.
  • Basell spheripol technology for production of polypropylene.
  • Ineos technologies for production of Polystyrene.
  • Buhler technology for production of polyester bottle grade.
  • Univation/ Ineos technologies for production of polyethylene.