The Role of Financing sector in the petrochemical industry is taking a wide range of importance and necessity, it became on a huge scale in reality as now the banks are supporting a lot of petrochemicals projects all over Egypt to the extent they are becoming partners in the capitals.
Echem determines what type of financing is sought as different phases of a project require different types of Financing:-
  • Financing for land acquisition.
  • Development costs
  • Building construction
  • Permanent building financing
  • Equity or joint ventures comes different sources.

Also, Echem determines when to obtain each type of financing, matching the financial sources with type of financing required.
Finally, Echem determines the best method for obtaining each type of financing from various choices.
Example of financing options:--

  • Corporate equity and retained earnings
  • Long term Loan and long term mortgage.
  • Lease from a third party.
  • Initiate a joint venture

As we set a criteria for financial institution selection:

  • Equity participation history.
  • Investment culture in the firm
  • Participation backgrounds.
  • Capital and operating cost policies.

The banks that are participating in this industry on a wide range:

  1. NBE - national bank of Egypt
  2. CIB - Commercial international bank
  3. Banque Misr
  4. Nasser Social Bank
  5. NIB - National Investment bank
  6. Eventually this participation indicates the great role played by the petrochemical industry in the country economic development