Echem commitment to the environment is reflected in its Quality Health Safety and Environmental protection Policy.

The protection of the environment is an integral part of the company's business performance and a prime responsibility of the entire work force at every level.

The environmental protection and development objectives are set annually referenced by the policy principles and implemented through achieving the requirement of well known international management system standard, ISO 14001.

The company is committed to comply with relevant legislation and approved codes of practice and cooperates fully with enforcement agencies and non-statutory bodies.

Echem achieves the continual improvement in its activities and does the same for its affiliated companies through the monitoring of the environmental protection performance, audits and reviews, periodic meetings and workshops, conducting awareness and training sessions and fostering recognition and award process for outstanding performance.

Environmental Performance

Echem intends to evaluate environmental performance of its activities by adopting ISO 14031, guidelines and coordinate to implement such guidelines in the affiliated companies in order to improve and maintain its commitment to environmental excellence by the integration of environmental considerations into daily operations and business decision-making processes.

Energy and Climate Protection

Echem will work with its affiliated companies, Business Partners and Consultants to:
  • Help promote efficient use of natural resources to minimize waste generation, including greenhouse gas emissions, through paying effort that involve awareness, use of innovative technologies, adopting sustainable development mechanisms (e.g. CDM) and pollution prevention.
  • Conserve all types of energy in its activities guiding by ISO 50001 standard requirements.

Stakeholder and Public Involvement

Currently we are considering the involvement of stakeholder including local community and public in general in reviewing the environmental studies of new projects through conducting public hearing sessions and posting the studies on Echem website, other than obtaining all the required approvals, licenses from relevant governmental and academic bodies..

Echem is intending to adopt the guidelines of international standards ISO 26000 (social responsibility guidelines) to achieve the responsible growth and sustainable development in their currently established affiliated companies and the future projects.